Planes, Trains, and Christmas Trees


Comedy / Romance

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Plot summary

During a business trip, event planner Kayley and sports agent Brett find themselves unable to fly home for Christmas due to a snowstorm. Determined to get back to NYC by Christmas Eve, the two team up and try to make their own way home.

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Top cast

Kathryn Davis as Kayley Cooper
Olivier Renaud as Brett Matthews
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adamjohns-42575 6 / 10

Watch it for the leading man.

Planes, Trains And Christmas Trees (2022) -

I would let Olivier Renaud, who in this film played Brett, take me anywhere. He looked gorgeous as an Elf and as an adorable Bunny Rabbit too. Once again the leading lady was getting the better end of the romance when she got "Stuck" with Brett on her journey.

And while Kathryn David was okay in her role of Kayley, I do get tired of the characters always having secrets and not just being honest from the beginning.

The format was as you would expect from the title. It replicated the other 'Planes, Trains And Automobiles' (1987) film, except with that romantic element thrown in and it was set at Christmas instead of Thanksgiving. And as I wrote that I realised that I have said the same thing about another seasonal film that I had watched already this year, so not only was the story a tad unoriginal, it wasn't even fresh this year.

After their plane was cancelled they shared everything they could to get back to where they needed to be and along the way they helped some people and ultimately helped themselves. It really wasn't anything unexpected, but it was cute enough.

I am still waiting for a story that shows an everyday person from a shop falling for an everyday office clerk instead of a football player and an event planner, as shown here. I'd like to see people who aren't well off and in great jobs for a change. People that really need a Christmas miracle and to find someone to support them. It would be lovely to imagine that someone like Olivier might fall for my broke ass and we could struggle to pay the bills together, but it wouldn't matter, because we would be in love.

Back to reality, what I did like about this film particularly was that they used ACTUAL REAL SNOW for the snowmen!!! It's a miracle and almost unheard of! It was a shame about the obviously fake stuff in the air, floating under the clear blue skies however.

Okay so it wasn't the most demonstrative of narratives and it probably wasn't the biggest budget 'Made For TV' Christmas film I've seen this year, but it was sweet and Olivier was so charming it was hard not to fall for him and to want his heart to be fulfilled.


Reviewed by Jackbv123 5 / 10

Not so much awful as just more of the usual with nothing special

This movie begins with the common winter premise of being stranded. Isn't it great that Brett's relatives are so close by. The travelers consider planes and trains and rental cars, but don't make any serious effort for any of them until after spending days stranded. How many winter storms strand you completely for days in Ohio? Yes, this is all a weak setup to get Kayley and Brett to work together to produce, you guessed it, a Christmas festival. They do most of the usual things, but it does give them time together to develop a relationship. Even so, like so many Christmas movies, you have to wonder was there really enough between them to fall in love? Another common theme is where Kayley, the visitor, becomes the hero in making the festival a success, despite numerous obstacles including one of the most common - losing the venue.

The acting isn't awful. I find Kathryn Davis appealing when she plays a reasonable character. I was glad to see that although Kayley complained a lot about not being able to get to NYC, she still didn't throw any tantrums. The dialogue is OK.

Throughout the movie, Kayley has a boyfriend calling her from NYC. We learn absolutely nothing about him except that Kayley wasn't thrilled with him. Why? We never really learn.

In a holiday season with literally dozens of Christmas movies, 3/4ths of which are the same stuff, this movie is easily skipped simply because it is nothing special.

Reviewed by Prismark10 2 / 10

Planes, Trains, and Christmas Trees

With a title that riffs the Steve Martin/John Candy comedy classic Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

This is anything but two people who have just met trying to get home for the holidays by any means.

Event planner Kayley (Kathryn Davis) and sports agent Brett (Olivier Renaud) are unable to fly home to New York for Christmas due to a snowstorm. The two team up to make their own way home.

Only to find themselves holed up in a small sleepy town of Redwood, Ohio. It just happens to be Brett's hometown that he left years ago.

The biggest problem with this movie is. It becomes inert once it ends up in Redwood. Brett tries to reconnect with his family and eventually Kayley falls for Brett.

Most viewers would had expected a mad dash to get somewhere and some scrapes. I'm not talking about driving up the wrong side of the road!

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