No Pressure

2024 [POLISH]

Action / Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.0/10 10 802 802

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Plot summary

After being tricked into dropping everything to save her grandmother's farm, big-city chef Oliwia falls for a handsome farmer who's hiding a secret.

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by classicsoncall 5 / 10

"The heiress has arrived."

What you have here in essence, is a Polish Hallmark movie, with apologies to reviewer 'bmvrztvt', as I came to this conclusion on my own before I read their review. The actual idea of the film isn't bad, but it does get hokey with some of the ancillary characters, like the pair of Polish farmers and the female cop Matylda. Yet another reviewer pointed out how the story seems to take place over a couple of weeks instead of the two days Oliwia Madej (Anna Szymanczyk) committed to in order to attend her grandmother's funeral. Turns out that was a con job, and not a very pleasant one if you come right down to it. The simmering romance between Oliwia and Kuba Walek (Mateusz Janicki) felt awkward at best until the latter part of the story, I think it was that bright red lipstick that turned the trick. Hey, I'm of Polish descent myself (both sides), so I'm not making fun, but this was quite an uneven flick. The attempt at comedy overshadowed the romantic angle and the director might have lost focus while attempting to get in a lick about global warming and same sex relationships. For a real treat, take a look at the credits list here on IMDb, and you'll be enthralled by the names of all the Polish actors. My favorite is Angelika Cegielska-Swiatek, the actress who portrayed Matylda. Right there is a mouthful.

Reviewed by claudius-60770 2 / 10

Painfully over-acted

Okay some may like this but it is so over acted, predictable and painful. My wife liked it better than I did though even she found it a bit vacuous and childish.

The storyline itself is okay but that is where it ends. It is simply a cringe fest as a self indulgent city chef visits a small village in eastern Poland based on a lie by her grandmother and the latter leaves her behind on a small farm. After that it is one cliche after another. I think it would be appreciated by 4 year olds more than me.

The scenery isn't so bad so at least I got a glimpse of a Polish village and homestead which looks as if it is has not changed for some decades. C'est la vie.

Reviewed by heathersmith-99515 6 / 10

Interesting premise

I mostly enjoyed this movie but it came across as very uneven. 2 days on the farm felt like 3 months.... I didn't feel or see any chemistry between the leads until the end....the "family" and all their ensemble were endearing and realistic if quirky.

*and clearly whoever did the translation for this film did the squid games previously *. (Google it or watch the series. You'll catch on!).

Did I enjoy this film? Mostly, yes.

Did I find it a bit long for the story itself? Yes I did.

Would I recommend it? Probably not. Like I said, too long, uneven storyline, and no chemistry between the leads.

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